when I was 6 to 10 on Mulberry Street

When I was young in the early 1940’s, A very large printing company was located on Mulberry St. and Houston St in Manhattan in NY State. The Logo of the company was a 30-foot statue of a jolly man with a top hat slanted on his head and waving a cane.

The name of the building was and still is “The Puck Building” the statue was designed to represent “Puck” of Shakespeare’s writings.Shakespeares Puckpuck statue

My friends and I would aiways go to the end of Mulberry street which was Houston St. just to see the world, cause our ended there. The world as we knew it ended and what happened out there was what we were not allowed to explore. looking up at tghe statue was like a dream cause we couldn’t understand how this big, big man stood there. It was only after growing up did I understand it’s meaning.

It was the street on it other side closer to our homes did we love and play in. it was always very dark, even in broad daylight everywhere else, but it had great hiding place for kick the can and Hide and seek! we called it “Jersey Alley” and our parents told us to never go into it, cause there were bad men there. They were referring to “The Bumbs” who would sleep anywhere they could and usually smelled very bad. if there were any, we just ignored them and played anyway. I was never worried cause these same bumbs would sleep in our building hallway when it rained or was cold in the winter. they got free meals in the church basement which was across the street from Jersey Alley