The solution of the mass murders shooting into a crowd of people

Taking away guns will stop the good people from protecting themselves and then allow the ones who will find a way to get them, and then to do exactly what they want and kill the good guys who would no longer be able to protect themselves! There is a way to stop violence and it simple when someone kills don’t just kill them which is what they expect, but rather cut them apart slowly over months in view of the world to see. The agony of what all will see will stop the killing as those who want to do it will then know how they too will suffer! First cut off an arm an then another, both without drugs or medical aid, but keep them alive to suffer.Then cut the others off so they are helpless and must endure this with only more to happen. Then their tongue and ears , but never their eyes. This all happening for all to see. Who then will knowingly shoot another and then know they will not die but suffer the rest of their lives, no don’t let them die but keep them alive for the world to see. This will stop dead in its tracks the mass killings. That is why in other countries they make the killer pay not simply kill him or her!! Suffering a very long time will stop every mad murder! In the old days the family of the mass murderer paid as well, by stoning to death by the people who have suffered from the loss of their loved one!
If you believe what that my suggestions would stop mass murders, then copy this and send everywhere… believe me it’s works!