I had a dream!

Using talk to text:
I sometimes wonder if people who die, immediately come back as another person. Something to consider as heaven may be somewhere that is not easy to get to, if you have not done good the first time around. You’re gonna have to try the second time around and the third time around till you get it right! Whatever. However, Claire was heavenly all her life especially after we met and I was able to give all I had, mainly, my love.

So in my dream I’m somewhere just in another place, and I bump into this woman and we look at each other and we seem to like each other. We talk a little bit about nothing, but then she asked me if I would like to go out for a cup of coffee? Or was it tea? I said well OK! so we we start walking looking for a place to have coffee. We find one and go in and as we go in I find my hand go to my wallet which is not there, never is in my dreams, wow!!! I don’t have money I look at my pants pocket and and it has change, all kinds of change! I said well at least I can pay with a lot of change. I just stand there because of the excitement and not having money. I was lost as this woman could’ve been Claire!! She could’ve been her, in a new body because why would I even be interested in even looking at a woman unless she appeared to have Claire’s sense of being. Well let’s see maybe tonight I’ll finish the dream but I’m gonna make sure I have my wallet in my pocket, but how do I do that? I don’t know I don’t worry as it’s the first time I even thought of a another woman, but it was in a dream and I had no choice, as I was in the dream and you don’t tell the dream what to do. A dream does what it wants to do an all you can do is experience it. So tonight I will find out if I really am not interested in another woman I have my woman, Claire’s my woman, but maybe Claire’s come back to me in another body! I have no way to know and will see what happens! I’ll keep this thing going. OK, I got to stop here though bye!!! This was spoken to my phone happenstance!

Right after that dream I had to record the dream as I remembered it! Since Claire died I have always just been devastated and in that Dream I actually felt something for that woman! Crazy!!!

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