Want to fall asleep easily? Try this!

Because of my travels, I learned for you to use the same position when trying to fall asleep. By laying on your left side, bringing your legs up in a position like your going up stairs, and only thinking of being warm and very comfortable, you will usually fall asleep without realizing it and wake the next morning. as the mind then too, relaxes and most times you won’t dream! My problem was when I was traveling on planes usually on 26 hour flights, I’d get some sleep on the plane, but it came always came with the same dream of my being lost without my wallet and cloths, not knowing where I am and can never finding my hotel, lost, me a world traveler. 7,000,000 miles of flying in my business lifetime and my dreams were always the same…No wallet, cloths, not knowing where I was and remember, no cell phones or computers. it works, as on Nextdoor.com some people tried it and said “It worked” and thanked me.