My “Mile High Club” adventures!

When I first started flying to Hong Kong I used “travel clubs” to save money on all the fights I had to take each year. By joining the club it allowed me not only to save money to Hong Kong, but also on the flights they had that continued on to the other countries I needed to visit. It was also a good way to get through 14 hours of flying, and at the same time meet people who were on the flights to see and visit these different countries, all were naturally very excited and wanting to hear of the other places I had been that they would like to see on another trip. At the time, it was very popular to join the “Mile High Club” and always on each trip I would be approached to join. Since I was no longer married, I had joined it many times, but never once being the instigator. Many times at the hotels that were part of the package, I would get knocks on my door with some woman wanting to “talk”, but never did I go that route, as it has to be my choice not there’s!

I’ve decided to put some of my BLOG stories on Facebook to the public, as they are general and interesting, without being personal, so here is the first! Oh by the way all are true as I remember them. Here is the first:
One time while I was still married, while sitting in the Peninsular Hotel lounge in Hong Kong, and at the end of a long day of work, I noticed a couple laughing with the man noticeably very drunk, and truly making a fool of himself. Knowing that I would be busy the next day visiting more manufacturers for my business, I would always end the day with an Irish Coffee, and being almost done, I was ready to leave. It was then that I was approached by the woman who was with the guy who was now passed out with his head on the table. Wow, she was young and beautiful and asked me if I could help her get her husband up to their room. I wondered if he really was her husband, but I said of course, and proceeded to do so. I got him to the elevator by almost having to carry him, and once in the elevator, she pressed the button for 8 and up we went, with me leaning on him so he would not fall to the floor. When the elevator door opened on 8, I carried him out as he snored away. We got to their room and I put him on the bed as best that I could and the woman thanked me as I was leaving, but proceeded to follow me out and closing the door behind her. She was really very beautiful and more importantly charming, and began following me. I turned and asked her if I could help her with anything else, and she smiled and said “Well could I come stay with you as staying in that room with it’s smells and his snoring, I thought that you might like me to stay with you.” It wasn’t hard for me to explain that I was married and couldn’t have her stay with me. I truly had no problem saying this even though my marriage was not a happy one at that time and was coming to an end. More importantly, my religion was a very important part of my life and so I would never think of going that route. I told her so, and she actually understood and thanked me for my help and left for the lounge. As I went to my room I thought to myself… “Hey God!!! That’s one for me”!