My son Trey when he 70

Me, and my World in the background, and I’m writing this blog to tell of my adventures in life, some funny, some serious, but all true! Please realize that in writing each adventure, its coming from my memory which sometimes recalls things from the past , but not in sequence, that I eventually remember. So, things will not be in timely order, but so what! Each is a separate event as I remember it, and it’s the content, not the time of the event that is important! Why not let me know what you think, as it will inspire me either to improve my writing skills, or remember more interesting events in my long, full and exciting life, with more experiences to follow as I now reach into my eighties.

Oh by the way, you might be thinking why I said in the picture caption– “My world in the background”   when it shows only the horizon! Well, My world has always been beyond the horizon!!!