Today I caught a mouse!

 Today I caught a mouse! By Sal Bianco

I never thought I could feel so bad as when I saw the mouse.

It was a he, or she, who kept leaving little spots around the house.

So, today I caught a mouse, and I feel so sad that I could cry,

cause now, I have to sit and watch it die. 

I’m sorry, Mister, I didn’t mean to eat your crumbs from the floor!

Today I caught a mouse, but how can I ever forget its eyes,

as it struggled and fought to run from me with it’s cries.

I thought I was clever, and set a trap that glued it to a pad,

I never thought that seeing it caught would make me so sad. 

So, today I caught a mouse, and now must try it set free

from a glue so strong, that it could capture even me.

I tried my best to free it’s tail, and then a leg, and paw,

but no matter what I did, it became stuck, even more. 

Hey! I’m stuck.. Help me! Please!!!

Yes, today I caught a mouse, but now I’m crying like a fool.

Hey! Its only a mouse… its only a mouse, so I should be cool,

so why do I feel so bad about myself, at being such a louse;

Just because I caught a mouse that was living happily in my house.

It’s not dead as yet, but soon will be,

cause no matter what, I cannot set it free.

Now all I can do is cry and cry, as I have to watch it, die. 

Today I killed a mouse, and I feel I too want to die,

But no, because all I can do is sigh, and sigh, then just cry.

Never again can I think of a mouse, without seeing those eyes of fear;

that I won’t stop and think, and wind up with a tear. 

God! I killed a mouse, and cannot understand how people kill,

things that live, and not feel what I now feel, and always will.

What pain and heartbreak I have in me,

So God ! Help me to never again kill anything I see. 

Because I watched a little mouse that only wanted food,

die because of me, so and now all can I do is brood.

God help me get good feelings back, and not be so sad,

it’s only a little mouse I caught with glue on a pad. 

I’m a man who has lived a long life, and think that I’m so smart,

but all I can feel now is to live with a broken heart.

What’s a little dirt and mess, against a life abound;

that could still be happy, running, round and round.

I can’t seem to stop the pain and hurt that is in my heart

so God! just show me how and make me smart

to never be so foolish again, as to hurt another living being. 

Help!Please help set me free!

Yes, even a little mouse that eats, then leaves a little peeing. 

So what’s a little cleaning after all that’s said and done,

to save a life, knowing it’s living and having fun.

Leaving little messes after all, it’s only a little mouse

who has chosen to live with me, in my little house. 

I want to tell the world about the mouse I caught today,

so that all, can stop and think, hope and pray, for that mouse I caught today. 

Never again, can I watch a thing alive, die because of me.

So here I come to help to set you free!

Never again, cause now all I’ll do is smile, then help to set it free.