Moonstruck Eggs

 I’ve just read an egg article and would like to tell you about an egg meal that is fast and simple. It’s called “Moonstruck eggs”. It simple but perfect to make an egg be more fun to eat.
Simply “Moonstruck” is where I saw it in the movie, and my Mom also made this it way as well, but the name fits it so well, so, I keep calling it that when I show it to friends and neighbors who stop by  for breakfast. Living 50 feet  from the Atlantic ocean brings a lot of visitors, and they are all welcome, but no longer living in the north, it is impossible to come by true Italian bread … oh yes, there a lot of “make believes” out there, but but squeeze them and it like squeezing a marshmello.True Italian bread is the trick, as it absorbs the egg into itself creating a one piece slice of goodness. So, first off you cover the bottom of a very hot frying pan with olive oil, then as it is heating you take a 1/2″ thick slice of the bread and make a large hole in it’s center so that it’s open to 1/2″to the crust, throw it in the pan as well as a nice slice of butter placed in the hole. The bread is now browning with the combination of oil and butter. Check to see that it’s brown on the heated side and then turn it over in the pan with another generous slice of butter, but this time break open an egg and drop it into the hole trying to keep it as a cover of the slice with the yoke in the center of the hole. again wait a minute or two, then flip it over again to allow that side to become solid as well. now it’s till it reaches the “doneness” to your taste. BOOM a Moonstruck Egg!
I have another egg thing but too much is never smart.