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Making a dragon

1937 Bentley

The one and only in the Philippines



Write about the meeting between LIZ and Jeannie and Dom and Funzy
4)Start by explaining relationship between dad  Taniuchi then onto


“Hello Young Fella” “WOW John Wayne”
When I was convalescing in a rehab center
I found it boring to sit amongst the other patients all watching TV., So I would say aloud to all who would or could listen. “how about we tell each other about ourselves. A few bored would turn and listen, no not getting involved but kind of half interested. How about I start and tell you about my life:
I find that everyone has a story about how they are living, have lived, and want to live their lives. So, come on tell us yours here for all to share. in my travels I have been in rehab homes for one problem or another, where most people were withdrawn into themselves. That is, till I start a conversation out loud for all to hear. I simply tell of my life experiences. when done I ask anyone to get up and tell us all about one of their experiences. At first it’s difficult to get the first one to talk after my talk, but once it’s started it becomes fun and mostly very interesting. So many people have so many great stories, no wait, everyone has a story to tell… good, or bad, interesting or not and all that’s needed is a start.. ​


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