“An Email to heaven”

              It’s now May 10, 2022 and nothing has changed. I still see “32” appear out of the blue, and I follow it up with “Oh,how I miss you Claire”! I know now for sure you’re watching over my life now, as you hint to me with: “Look. LOOK!! It’s another “32”!!!

Were you watching me today as I dug up a small batch of land in the back for my new garden? Why, because now I’ll have a ton of tomatoes, as I planted 5 great tomato plants with a perfect fertilizer, 4”of it surround each plant.

I don’t know if the beautiful fig tree I re-planted in front will make it, as the branches easily snap off,  meaning it is possibly dead. We’ll see in the next few weeks! So, to make sure, I’m ordering a new one and will plant it in my garden till it matures enough and then I’ll replant it somewhere in the front as well, maybe next to the one that is trying to come alive. I’ll call it Claire ne fig tree. Can you help it with your wonderful way of caring and loving? Well, that’s all the news I have today, Please stay with me and “32” me today a few times again!