Come on you can do it!!!

I wrote this 3 years ago but it still applies!!!

I’m just turning 87, I know age is not truly measured by the years that pass, but by that person’s attitude and how he or she lives! Mine has always been to take each day and “run” with it. My living in a 50+ community proves my point, cause as I walk through it, I find that my body is truly younger in “actions“, than most I pass. Most are in their 50’s and sixties and each seems older than myself as they pass. I pop along with my Black Lab pulling me to another of her adventures! They pass me with a look of “What’s that old guy doing?” Again I say it’s the attitude you have in living your daily life! If you accept life as it’s given to you without your own input into the direction it’s going, you do age in mind and body. Up until I was 80 my life was exciting, and adventurous because I made it that way moving in the direction in life that I chose, no matter what!!! Then BOOM!!! I’m hit with colon cancer, followed by a triple bypass and 5 months of being totally paralyzed! While in that condition, all I could do was see, moving my eyes back and forth and I knew then, I had to fight back and I did, step by step… That is literally as each motion I made was forced and forced till it became easier and easier. My goal was to get out of the rehab center I was in, and to do that I had to walk alone for 100 steps! A goal that set me moving faster and better each time… I’m out-ter here! So, don’t tell me you have to take the direction that life gives you! Move it in your direction, without age to stop you, or hold you back. Hey you, who are reading this listen to an experienced life traveler… Attitude, not years, is what you should count on! Oh! By the way! Have a good. Err! day.. err! year.. era! lifetime.. I am.

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Sal Bianco Jr

Born in a fifth floor cold water apartment on Mulberry Street in Manhattan, NY, Have 3 very successful sons, Created a business called White Knight Ad Ventures LLC that had offices in Hong Kong, Manila, Seoul, Bangkok, Canton, China. Formed a Company called "Made in America" traveled 300,000 miles in a RV I made myself on a Peterbilt truck. Fly a powered parachute,and planning reaching 100. .

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