I just found a little true story of my daring stupidity!

Hey guys I just found a little true story of my daring stupidity! Although my life has been very exciting, there have been ACCIDENTAL incidences that I have had happen to me in my lifetime that we’re serious at times, but funny thinking about them now:
Stick in the eye: when I was about 11 or so, my friends and I would play like we were in King Arthur’s Army and made our own bow and arrows. We made them from a weedy bush that had branches with offshoot that would easily snap off and that end rounded and was used the part that was attached to the bow. There were bigger branches we were able to cut with my mother’s knife. These we fashioned into a bow. We then would play by shooting arrows at each other. They didn’t go far or straight, but it was fun anyway. One day playing with them, I was shot at and instead of hitting me in my body it hit my eye, but not the eyeball but just beside it going into the socket. Wow It hurt but I grabbed the arrow and pulled it out. For the next two weeks my eye was black and blue as well as my butt, after my Mom got through with me!
Tongue cut almost completely off: When I was 12 or 13, now living on 205th me and all the boys on our street, in the Bronx started playing street hockey, but following our own rules as we really didn’t know the professional ones. Besides, we had to adapt due to the cars parked at the curb on either side, as Mulberry as a one way street. At any rate the hockey sticks we used were made from Wooden Orange crates. What we used for skates were our roller skates. Since we had no rocks to use as a puck, we would step on a soda can and flatten it to be our puck…. Noisy as heck, but it worked just fine. We would “choose up sides” and begin. Being the only left handed I always had the advantage! So when I had the puck, I would always be on the left side of the boys who were trying to steal the puck from me, by coming around my right to try. One time a guy, can’t remember who, swung in an attempt to hit it from my right side, and me turning and laughing to look at him as he swung too high, brought his stick under my chin. At that time I had my tongue sticking out as you do sometimes while concentrating on the play. His stick came up and hit me under my chin and POW my jaw closed and bit my tongue. Next I then realized blood is splashing over my face, pain was killing me from my mouth! Stopping dead in my tracks, I felt my mouth and my tongue was sticking out. All the players nearby looked amazed! I then realized what had just happened!!! What to do? Go home? No! Luckily there was a doctors home and office directly in front of me, as he had set it up for the rich people living in the apartment buildings alongside. I rushed to his door, rang the bell and finally the doctor himself came out. This story is told in my blog, with all the details hereafter! Go to Www.whiteKnightadventures.org to read it!
When I was 18 and working nights at Phelps Dodge, a trans-Atlantic cable manufacturing company. My job was testing a 30 foot section of cable that I put 10 to 50 thousands volts of electricity through them. I was being trained to become an Electrical Engineer. One night the cable blew after only about two hour. I then became bored just sitting there (it was 1950 and no iPhones yet) and decided to walk through the deserted factory at about 9:00pm. In doing so I came across a very large window high up and decided to look out of it to see what the factory looked like at night. Seeing a platform to climb onto and look out, I did so and stepped onto a piece of cardboard laying flat on the floor to look out. As I placed my right foot onto it and raised my body onto the platform, it gave way and my leg went down into it , while my left slid along side and proceeded to stop on a sharp steel ring onto its edge, it was a 4’round air conditioning shaft being repaired! Thankfully it smashed into me along side of my tesicles but caught one and proceeded to cut it in half, but not the sack itself. What happened next was wild! My testicle sack began to fill with blood from one vein that was also cut and it didn’t stop until it was the size of a football stretching as much as possible. At the emergency ward, Two doctors after examining my condition decided after not knowing what else to do, to just let it stay as it was and sent me to the maternity ward as there they had sitz baths to relieve the pain and swelling that I was now experiencing. It lasted for over a month.
When I was 40, when my sons were 16, 15 and 2, and we were celebrating Easter at my in-laws basement, as we did at all holidays. A table was set up in a corner of the room to be able to sit everyone there. Being agile, I said that I would sit back in the corner seat. Since there was no other way to get into the seat, I had to jump over the table using one foot on the chair alongside me. With my hand on the table, I jumped and both my feet went into the place where I was going to sit. Boom, I landed on a Indian brass bell that was a sharp letter opener at its handle which proceeded to go up into my groin and stopping at the bell. Shocked by the pain, I grabbed the bell and pulled it out of my groin and as i did it I stood up pushing the table over in front of me. Blood came flushing out of me as I tried to stop it pulling off my pants. My son Trey saw what was happening helped me to our car and drove me to a local hospital, actually the same one as the one from my last accident. As my body reacted, it began to swell closing the gap and again the sack filled to the size of a football. Once settled in an emergency, I lay awake not believing that it happened again to me, when all of a sudden they rolled in another bed next mine. I looked and saw it was my son Trey who had fainted from the shock of all that happened, thinking he was loosing his father! Me, I had once again, my football between my legs!
In 2002 after I built my 40 foot RV, And I began to fly my powered parachute. Starting to learn with the man I bought it from. Being near my son Trey home, I brought it there trying to take off from there thinking there was plenty of space to take off. However, every time I tried, I had to stop because I could see I could not make it over the trees. My two sons and I agreed that a little down the road from Trey’s was a long wide field and we would try there. Going there and setting the plane up to fly, I judged the length that was available to fly, I said to the boys, I can make it!!! Starting it up I had Michael go halfway down the field and Trey a little further. I began my run down the field and as I reach Michael he yells that I should go. Go, Go and I did coming up to Trey he too followed yelling go Dad!!! That’s exactly what I did and pulled hard on the parachutes reins forcing it to pull me up, up and away. As I cleared and went over the top we all yelled, I made it. One second after I went above the top edge of the trees, one wild branch was facing me 20 feet in front of me. I hit it, but it caught my wheel and stopped me dead in my tracks. The front wheel pointed down and down I went along side that branch. As it was happening, I was remembering Jurassic Park, the movie where the car went over a wall straight down smashing into branches until it stopped. Well that actually happened to me with branches slowing me and the plane down as some branches were hitting me in the face. The plane hit the ground and being strapped in I just remained in my seat. I unsnapped my harness and stepped out as I heard screaming from both my sons as they grappled through the woods to me. Yelling Dad!!! Dad!!!, As they got to me, I raised my hand and said ”Hi boys… I’m alright”, and I was with only a few scratches on my face. As we looked up we estimated the drop to be about 75’, well just another adventure, but the plane and parachute really were destroyed as it helped to take the brunt of the fall.
As winter was turning to spring, I began to start my garden in the back yard where we were living in a cottage that I built at Claire’s daughter’s home. Looking at the same place I had made the garden years before, I noticed that the sun was no longer clearing the branches of the tree in front of the garden and I knew they had to go. I had a 18’ ladder that I had bought to build the cottage and proceeded to get it and place it under the branch. Up I went with everyone watching. I reached the top but it still wasn’t high enough unless I went up to the very top. Dangerous as I now had no place to hold onto, but me, being me, I proceeded to reach out with my 5’ extended chain saw. I began to cut to the branch but because the branch kept moving, the saw cut and jammed into the branch. I began pulling, and pulling hoping I could make the branch break. As I pulled and pulled the ladder began to sway. My last pull was too much for the ladder and it swayed, twisted and I proceeded to fall down in front of me letting go of the saw. But too late as it kept me to fall with my knees heading for the ground. Sure enough, I landed on my left knee, then flipped over hitting my face on the ground. Well, Bianco you did it again! It took over a month to be able to walk properly! However, I did get the garden finished, and I had tomatoes to kill for and I almost did.
In 2003, I had my Peterbilt motorhome and had it parked a Smiths Point on eastren long Island on fire Island. I was beginning to pull out of my spot to attach my car and then proceed to pick up Claire where she was at the Daughter home. As I was attaching the car, I had to take the bar that was being held on by a spring attached to the roof. In trying to pull the line free, the spring that was attached to the car came loose, and the hook that was at the end came loose and snapped up, winding up going into the palm of my left hand and into the meat of my palm. OOPS! Well, what to do as I began to bleed more and more. I cut the hook loose from the RV and jumped into my car and headed for Good Samaritan Catholic Hospital. My cousin Michael the Doctor worked there and I called him as I drove and told him my problem! He said come and leave your car in the emergency entrance. When I got there a bed on wheels was waiting. They put me on it and there were two surgeons awaiting. They were laughing and couldn’t believe what they saw. Michael did too and in a matter of a few minutes they got the hook out stitched up the wound. It took about two week before they were able to take out the stitches. Just another day in my exciting accident-prone life!!!
Yesterday while trying out a new slicing box that really worked well on my first try, I decided to use it to slice onions after finishing slicing cucumbers very very thin. In doing so, I tried the first onion and it came out beautiful, so I began a second and as I came to the onion getting close to the blade I used a holder to finish. Dumb me saw a very small end left and in trying to use the holder, the needles used to hold the onion kept hitting the blade, so using my thumb and index finger I held it gentle and push it through to the blade, but there was a green route that was in the middle and in trying to force it through, I sliced a piece of my thumb off. Not much but enough for all the layers of skin plus a little deeper. Big time blood, got black electrical tape and wound it tightly below the wound, the part below the knuckle. It stopped the blood, then the circulation, then the pain began. Oh oh where to go? Can’t go out with the coronavirus all over the place, but I gotta do something! I remembered an Urgent Care facility that we had gone to before this and told Claire to stay home. It wasn’t far and into it I went, they had all my info already in the computer and took me to a room that was sparkling clean. As a nurse looked at my thumb then proceeded to stop the bleeding and then applied a cloth-like material that she said would absorb the blood and turn it into a seal, and that I should wait for 24 hours, then when I was taking off the bandage that portion would have sealed the wound to stay and that was that. I went home, took off all my clothes, washed them immediately, took a shower and relaxed for the night with my thumb held high till the 24 hours were met. When the time came, off came the bandage and sure enough the bleeding stopped, but to look at the hole that was created, was unbelievable. There was only one problem now… I’m left-handed and you can do nothing without that hand using your thumb, so now my nose has to do the job in its place. Here is the picture I took.
Hey! Guess what I did it again??? Last night April 7,2020 I made a berry pie from MARIE CALENDAR and when checking to see it was done, by sticking my pointed knife in to it, licked the berry juice off the knife… great, needs to cool for an hour or so. Went into den and began watching TV, till I noticed blood was on my finger from rubbing it! Went to a mirror and saw what the knife did without me feeling it…take a look but don’t if you’re wimpy. Now because of the Coronavirus it’s impossible to just go to any medical facility. So, after many attempts, I just went to bed with a bunch of ice cubes and with my forcing my tongue to my upper palate! Woke up this morning with a 1”round scar in the middle of my mouth but seemingly better!!! Again “LEFTY”, The one and only, The White Knight, beat the odds, or did I?

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Born in a fifth floor cold water apartment on Mulberry Street in Manhattan, NY, Have 3 very successful sons, Created a business called White Knight Ad Ventures LLC that had offices in Hong Kong, Manila, Seoul, Bangkok, Canton, China. Formed a Company called "Made in America" traveled 300,000 miles in a RV I made myself on a Peterbilt truck. Fly a powered parachute,and planning reaching 100. .

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