Our changing world, it keeps changing!

I wrote this a few weeks ago, after realizing how my world has been changing!
What happened to companies like A&P stores and F.W.Woolworths?

HI: My family had a trucking business that handled all A&P meat deliveries to all their warehouses. I knew many many people from the A&P and it was a very honest and reliable company. My father who ran our little trucking company, Bianco Bros trucking, knew most of the executives of the company and they gave our little company a chance to grow. Like all companies at that time they had to face new companies that had new ways to shop. “MALLS”. In malls where people now went to shop, because you were able to shop for all your needs at one time in one place… even on Sunday. So Companies like A&P, F.W. Woolworths had to change their strategies. The financial men in these companies realized that it was the real estate where all their stores were located, that had become very valuable for another reason, it was the growing population and the value of the land properties they had was worth more in value and by just closing the stores and selling off the properties there was more to gain than what the stores produced, and so, that’s what most old companies did. Both A&P and Woolworths closed all their stories and used the money in different ways, like opening new little chains that sold one product, like shoe stores, or clothing stores and so they created profits in a new way. The end of an era! Now, in 2020, it’s the shopping malls that are closing all over America, as there is a new way to shop, and it’s online shopping that has now taken over, and Companies like Amazon have become the giants in the field.
Has anyone noticed that no longer do you see American English names on products? China has now said that Americans will use what we sell, as they have no other place to buy products of any kind. Sorry to have to go in another direction, but America is no longer the greatest country in the world, but China and Asian countries are supplying the world with products they produce and know that now they have control on how all is being done.

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