Where were you when Martin Luther King was shot?

Where were you when Martin Luther King was shot ?
Me? Well on Friday, April 5th 1968, I was driving my motorcycle as I did every day through Harlem, on Lenox Ave where I had my flower warehouse on 168th St, just off of Lenox.. It was just a regular day for me to go there before I continued on down to my office on 23rd St and Fifth Ave, a building called “The Gift and Toy Building”. As you come south, down Lenox Avenue at 169th street, it begins to rise, so much so, that you can’t see over the hill, down the avenue until you actually reach the crest of the little hill, then as you do so, you can see way down to 110 St, where the unofficial boarder line exists between black Harlem and Spanish Harlem. Every day I did the same thing and carefully reached the top of the hill, because many times, heavy traffic was stopped there for one reason or another, and it’s wise to slow down as to go over it. I’ve learned over the years in driving, that you must always see one mile down the road you’re going to be safe, so I’m always very careful when I can’t see. This one particular day as I came over the crest, a large crowd of people were in the middle of the street, were they were yelling and screaming, and kicking and punching a man who was white, laying there trying to protect himself. he was a truck driver who was pulled out of his truck that was forced to stop in the middle of the street, so, I had no choice but to slam on my brakes and lay the bike down in order not to hit into the crowd, and as I slid with sparks flying, I stopped in time, just before hitting the crowd, who when hearing the loud screeching sound, turned to see what had happened, and why the screeching noise. I lay on top of the bike to prevent my being crushed under it, and naturally I was shook up trying to get up,  but I was not able to as some young men grabbed me and began to hit me and punch me, just as they were doing to the guy I just saw. I didn’t know what was going on and tried to fight back but it was impossible against so many. Just then, I hear screaming for everybody to stop.. “STOP”, “STOP” That’s Mr. Bianco! They jumped in and tried to stop what was happening to me, Yelling, “That’s My Bianco”, he is our friend and he has been helping us! They were very insistent and actually were fighting off all that were around me. More joined to help out. Eventually everybody stopped and I got up and was surrounded by all the boys who worked in my warehouse. They walked with me to my bike, helped me lift it up and we all pushed it to my warehouse, each of them saying how sorry they were and did I know what happened? I said all I know is when I came over the rise, they were there yelling and screaming, and I didn’t know why, because I always came the same way. They all said, “No, not that, don’t you know what happened today?” I said no “What happened?” They all screamed at once “They killed Dr Martin Luther King” and everybody in Harlem has gone crazy beating up every white man they see, even the ones like you who help us… It’s crazy everybody has gone Crazy!!! Needless to say, I stayed away from my warehouse for many days, and told my guy in charge, to call me at least three times a day with a report on how things were going, and have all my worker stay home, but that I’ll still pay them to stay out of the riots and just keep there families safe, and that it will end as it always does. I didn’t realize just how much Dr. King was loved and honored as it didn’t end right away like I though, but continued on and on, with the bad element taking over being incited by the little sneaky Bastards, like Al Sharpton, destroying the places they needed to live and eat, and hurting those businesses that actually were there for them everyday. The police did nothing! As they stayed away from all of Harlem leaving all the good black families to suffer from all that was being destroyed, knowing it was best for them to wait till it ended and then go in and restore “Law and order”!
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