Trying to make Hands to God popular!

I wrote this to an organization that represents over 75,000 Funeral Directors in America in May 3 months after my wife died and after you read it, I will tell you the results!!!
Hi Robin:
My name is Sal Bianco and I’m interested in joining the convention in Nashville but the cost is too high for me and I am wondering if you would consider helping helping an old man. I’m 89 years old and I’ve just lost my wife and I’m devastated but together we had planned to do something for funeral parlors and the family of the deceased. 15 years ago I had my second son make a plastic copy of my wife’s hand. My first son works at a company that produces that plastic.
I am now able to create an exact copy of a deceased persons hands, its DNA, it’s exact shape color and softness. Since my wife died I have been doing it myself, but can’t really afford to buy a 10 x 10 spot. Now that so much time is past and these booths are still available is it possible that I could get a better rate so that I could attend and and be able to offer my idea to all the funeral directors? This Has to be a unique situation and a new product that will help them with the profits and most of all for the families of the deceased.

Please consider my appeal as I’m doing it for my wife who was wonderful and who I love so much.

I can make a display that will capture my audience and start a new way four funeral directors to offer this service. My company is called Hands to God LLC! If you visit my site at Hands to you will see exactly what I am attempting.

Please consider my request and you will be helping me but more so for people who are going through losing someone they love.

Sal Bianco Jr
The women in charge of handling payments for a booths at the show, allowed me at booth at the show 2weeks just before it was to start to have an empty one for no cost, but I had to supply my own carpet and whatever else I would need. As the show was on, they came to my booth and hugged and hugged me, no not because I’m a handsome stud, but because of my wish!!!

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