What were some of your nickname growing up?

Well, I’ve written about my youth and how I was accepted by my friends around me. It was their naming me that name stuck…”The Saint” because I would immediately give punches if they cursed, or if they made some physical expressions trying to accomplish the same thing. As we got older, my friends realized why I never lost a fight! They then decided to call me just that “LEFTY”. it stuck throughout my youth all the way till I going out with girls. It happened while we were going to dances in Yonkers, as we were grown up until we used our true names me, I was simply Sal. However as I started my business I was called different names in each country I had offices. It started first in the Philippines as they realized that I had accomplished for them and all called me “The one and only”. As I moved from Taiwan to Bangkok, for my Flower business, I now was called ” The flower man” and there my designs were of flower of soft polyester cloth making them more realistic. The manufacturers I set up now were able to use hundreds of women to make each flower creating a new industry for them, and It was them who called me “Thai Cheu” I actually kept an apartment in a famous hotel, The Mandarin, that had the room of a famous author who wrote many book on the creation of the American West. ( trying to remember his name and will eventually). I always spent a lot of time at the shore in southern Thailand with both my sons coming at different times. the property belong to a family of the woman who ran my office in Thailand called “Methta”. at the same time, I found a manufacturer who was using wood that only came from the jungles of Thailand and began making cutting boards made of it, and it was that time I was asked by the US CIA to help them find one of their undercover agents, called Jim Thompson. He was a very successful man who had developed many industries there and the people loved him as he was very famous throughout Thailand. They said because of my being known all over asia as and America business man no one would suspect me while actually looking for him. So, it was a new adventure for me as I planned a trip with all my flower crew to go into the Malaysian jungle where he had been last seen, to search. We did for 1 week on two different occasions, with me wearing my regular business suit to keep me in costume of my regular wear. The temperature there was sometimes 130 degree Fahrenheit. Didn’t even loosen my tie. Well, he was nowhere to be found, so out I came and reported it to the two CIA men who had first approached me. Realizing it was a dead end for their plans, as the Vietnam war was going strong and we were losing ground there, they then met with me again and asked me to join them as a Cia “Undercover agent! WOW! well, I knew what the only answer could be “Sorry,  but I Can’t risk my business and all my customers to do it so, “Thanks, but no thanks”. Sal Bianco Jr “THE UNDERCOVER AGENT FOR THE CIA??? What next? how about “The White Knight” it was my name in Seoul, Korea and China? So, I formed a company called “The White Knight L.L.C.

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Sal Bianco Jr

Born in a fifth floor cold water apartment on Mulberry Street in Manhattan, NY, Have 3 very successful sons, Created a business called White Knight Ad Ventures LLC that had offices in Hong Kong, Manila, Seoul, Bangkok, Canton, China. Formed a Company called "Made in America" traveled 300,000 miles in a RV I made myself on a Peterbilt truck. Fly a powered parachute,and planning reaching 100. .

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