What were the best sounds you heard in your lifetime

Well, the very best sound I heard most of my young life was that of my mother, calling me for some reason or kiddingly yelling at me for being naughty(Bad). it stayed as my favorite till she died at 97 in 2002. As for the sound of Music, it was strictly “JAZZ” ( Hey! Maybe I can use that “Sound of Music” to maybe make a movie) Or was it done before??? I learned that music was great to dance to, so it became my best sound growing up from when I was 13 as then my 2 older sisters used me as a dance partner while they learned how to dance new dance steps that were just coming into being. From then on music had been one of my best sounds, making me want to ask a girl, any girl “Lets Dance”! Hey! Maybe I could write a great song with that title! nnnnah It’s too Boyee-ish !!! next next sounds that came into my life was the crying of babies… my 2 little sons wanting something or other but why would I like the sound of crying you might ask? Well it meant I had two sons, two sons that I could teach to be better than me in life, as I taught them all that I knew and have used in my life, which was fun for me in doing. Their crying stopped early as they saw how great it was in just “DOING”! Now 60 some odd years later they now “Watch over me”. Dag-nab-it!!! Again another song title I could have made a fortune writing, but I made it another way and it was the “sound” of laughter from thousand of Philippinoes I gave to opportunity to use their hands to make things I designed, and then for them to make money they never had before. They would call to me all together as I passed: Here comes “THE ONE AND ONLY” which became another sound I loved, as it was said in Philippino, which already has a melody as its spoken! Another time 20 years later when I was retired and made my own motorhome on a 1990 Peterbilt tractor, I was traveling south through West Virginia on I46 and didn’t realize I had a serious oil leak from a pipe I and my brother had installed. Well, The engine ran out of oil and began to lock and did, destroying the engine, and as I rolled to a stop I wound up exactly on milemarker 232. Claire saw it and remarked “Sal look 232”!!! My lucky number “32”, and I thought but sadly, not this time! So calling, AAA they said to call the local towing truck. When he arrived, he asked what was wrong and I proceeded to tell him I lost all my oil and the engine froze. Well, he turned to me and said I can take you to a Peterbilt about 25 North of here, or , I can take you to my farm and I’ll rebuild the engine for you. At Peterbilt it may take a month or more to rebuild, but I promise I can do it in two weeks at half the price. Looking at him, I said to myself I like how honest he is and well, to him: Ok! Take me home. He did so, and we became instant friends. I told Claire that I would drive her to her daughters, and come back here to help in anyway I could. So, I drove her home and came back to be part of the engine rebuild. Hey! Where are you going with this as there actually no sound that could be my favorite here in fact the beautiful sound of my engine running no longer exists! so, living in my Motorhome for two weeks was going to be my new life, and no sound to boot. Wrong! very wrong!! On the second night there, Larry asked if I would like to go with him to his friends barn. Me, being a New Yorker, didn’t know about barns, so I said Ok, thinking I was going to do some work in a barn. Well, we arrived and from out side I heard music and thought some family was listening to the radio or TV. well, Larry opened the door for us to enter and a blast of sound came out, no, not sound but the  most exciting music, not like anything I every heard. Entering, I was like a boy hearing music for the first time. Music that made you want to dance, but nothing like a dance I was used to, fast, faster than a jitter-bug, one that made you want to stamp your feet and fly around the room! Looking at these different kind guitars, but not guitars exactly cause they had a different sound, a twangy sound! I’ve heard the sound before but not be in the same room, no not room but a big area with a smell of horse manure and hay. Wow! I yelled to Larry as I was listening Wow! Again I was shocked also by the people playing the music and the sounds the music made. Why they were farmers, in farmers cloths, just having a great time together playing the music of their fathers. I naturally had to ask: Larry how can they do this and not be great on TV? He said: “They are farmers and this has been their TV all their lives! There was one sound that stood out and I again asked Larry “What is making that twangy sound?” He replied: “Why that’s the Banjo! Wow, I said I love it, and want to learn to play one. Well. the night went on and I learned to dance a different kind of dance. What a thing for me to learn to play, and so I went out and bought a Banjo. This was 20 years ago and I have a beautiful one, but still can’t play it! But I did hear another sound and it was when I yelled “WOW- It’s the “Sound Of “Banjo-V” ! ah! Come on I must be the first to use this title???

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Sal Bianco Jr

Born in a fifth floor cold water apartment on Mulberry Street in Manhattan, NY, Have 3 very successful sons, Created a business called White Knight Ad Ventures LLC that had offices in Hong Kong, Manila, Seoul, Bangkok, Canton, China. Formed a Company called "Made in America" traveled 300,000 miles in a RV I made myself on a Peterbilt truck. Fly a powered parachute,and planning reaching 100. .

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