Have you ever feared for your life?

By Sal Bianco Jr on March 11, 2022.

There have been a few different times where a foreign soldier put a machine gun to my stomach, and once having a pistol put to my forehead and being demanded to remove my American flag jacket. Once machine gun bullets whizzed over my head, but I never feared for my life, even when I got out of my car and stood down a company of soldiers who were in training in Budapest. I’ve crashed a powered parachute falling 75′ and again never feared for my life! I was pronounced dead in a hospital, but never feared for my life, just came back to tell my life adventures. Is it necessary that I tell you of each incident? Boring!!! I’d rather tell you about being a CIA under cover agent, but again I didn’t fear for my life.
Sal Bianco Jr, March 11, 2022
The story of each incident above, I’ll put in here slowly! They were exciting, challenging but never fearful! And at great places over the world!

Wow! 300 replies!

Welcome to the group 👋. Well to start off with, I’ve belonged to the Low Macungie group and have fun telling of my life adventures! Just yesterday I received beautiful remarks about my little attempt to overcome a tree stump! It was an accomplishment I needed to prove to myself as I’m 89.5 years old. It was a fun accomplishment but I never thought that more than 300 neighbors would react so pleasantly! Thank you all, but I promise there will be many more, no not to show off, but rather to show people that all my life I was very happy help people in need! No, not by giving them money, but rather to teach them to produce for me, my designs where they became independent to continue on their own! Come read and see what you too can do!!! All you need is the desire.

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That picture was when I was 25 and getting engaged, there is a story to go with it herein!

How did you get your first job?

How did you get your first job?
by Sal Bianco Jr on January 20, 2022.

My First Job after returning to New York
In 1961, I returned to New York after attempting to start a trucking business delivering fruit, with my brother Al, and brother in law, Dominic Guerriero, which failed due to 3 solid years of crop failures in California. I was then able to find a job at a low end retail store, making flower arrangements (a story about this time is in the works) and worked at it till my wife, being tired of California, left suddenly for New York with my two sons, unbeknownst to me. After following her, and once there, I looked for work and finally found a job working for a company called First American Natural Fern Co. They had heard about my abilities from their artificial flower wholesale customers in California, and how I had built a small business into a large volume customer of theirs. So First American hired me at $100.00/week, but promised after 3 months they would raise my salary to $200.00/week. So, they had me do the same thing I had done in California, but now at Bloomingdale’s in Brooklyn, that is, making flower arrangements in it’s Gift Department, for their customers who would either bring in their special containers, or buy those available, that I had made for sale. It was so busy all the time that one day I actually keeled over from exhaustion, and wound up in a hospital. When first hired at First American, I was promised by its owner, an increase in salary after three months from $100.00/week to $200/week, so when the time came and upon receiving my paycheck, just after my fainting incident at Bloomingdale’s, I asked for that raise. The owner of First American said “Oh no, not yet, but after another 3 months he would give me the raise”. Naturally, being Italian, I blew up as he had broken his promise to me. I told him to get someone else for Bloomingdale’s, cause: ” I quit”. I said it so loud, that he actually flinched and was very frightened, as I stormed out.
I went directly to his competitor, Zunino Altman Inc., another Artificial Flower company, larger and owned by Revlon Cosmetics. (Note: After a few days, the son of the owner of First American, called me and asked me to come back at $200.00/week. I said “No thank you, as I’m now working for ZA, and by the way, watch out at Bloomingdale’s.” Since I knew the buyer there and he knew it was me that made his business grow, eventually, ZA became the company now selling Bloomingdale’s.)
When I arrived at Zunino Altman’s showroom, there were two salesmen talking and laughing, so I excused myself and asked to see the owner, as I was looking for a job. Laughingly, they said that there were no jobs available, but luckily just then, a man entered the showroom. He looked at us and turned to me and said: “Aren’t you the young man who works at Bloomingdale’s?” I said yes, and he then asked me into his private office. He then explained that he went to Bloomingdale’s because he had heard of a young man doing outstanding business working there with a new approach at selling flower arrangements. He asked why I was now in his showroom and I explained it all about the owner of First American and his broken promise. He immediately said “Well, you’re hired here and at $200.00/week, and after 3 months I’ll increase your salary, again”.
Zunino Altman (“ZA” as it was called then) and this man, Josh Rothstein, who had faith in me, gave me the opportunity to be who I became. From the first day I started till the day years later when he contracted Alzheimer and completely lost his memory, and died, we had become close friends. He allowed me to spread my wings to create a New Flower arrangement division that became very successful, as well, I set up a team of designers to teach Flower arranging to all ZA’s customers. Every day we traveled together in his car to our homes in Scarsdale, New York. “ZA” was actually owned by Revlon who had owned many smaller companies and each one had to report at an annual meeting to Charles Revson, it’s CEO and original owner, at his building famously called “666 FIFTH AVE”, or “Top of the sixes”
After about a year of working there, Josh asked me to go to this meeting with him and when we arrived, As it was filled with the President, Charles Revson, and the Presidents and Vice Presidents of all his companies as well as many of those other executives from Revlon. As the meeting went on, both Josh and I realized that he was being ridiculed about how the company profits were not up to par. Actually, Revson was in the process of selling Zunino Altman to a competitor called J. Markovits Inc. and was playing with Josh, trying to intimidate him into quitting. He actually picked one of the Flower samples we had brought and told Josh to name it. It was a daffodil and Josh said so, but Revson said to all present “OH no it wasn’t, but that it was a rose”. He then asked all present in the room to tell him what it was and all yelled “A Rose”. He said to Josh how could you run a flower company if you don’t know the name of a flower. I then stood up and yelled “It is a daffodil and I should know as I’m the designer who creates them”. Everyone in the room was shocked, but I stood my ground and then Josh stood up and said “Sal lets leave this bunch of losers. Naturally he didn’t last a week. After a few very uncomfortable months under a new President assigned by Revson, I got a call from Josh and he asked me to come to work for him at a company he had just bought, called Goldfarb Novelty. Happily, I said yes and went directly to the new president of “ZA” and told him I was leaving after giving two weeks’ notice. His name was Irving Bottner, and he was there to destroy the company under orders from Revson, as they wished to write off “ZA” as a big tax loss. He couldn’t believe I would leave and neither did the two salesmen, Ira Kleinberg and Bernie Rosenburg, who I had met originally. They too would eventually have to look for jobs at other flower companies, and later worked for my biggest competitors, when I formed my own company, White Knight Adventures LLC. , and was able to bring with me The F.W. Woolworth Co’s business, as they knew that I had made Artificial Flowers successful at their stores. This set the direction of my own company, White Knight Adventures, but at first, it was called simply Sal Bianco Inc.
Sal Bianco Jr, January 20, 2022With my volume increasing I needed to go directly to the manufacturers in Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and in doing so, I opened a new door by developing a new kind of flower, They were presently made with hard plastic and didn’t truly feel like flowers, until I went to Bangkok, Thailand and developed a new material called polyester, and designed my own flowers with the real feel and look of flowers, designing each petal and leaf. I actually created a Boston fern that today is still the method to produce them, using my styling and design. From there I designed the first poinsettias for Christmas!
The easiest part of my business was designing for FTD, Florists Transworld Delivery. At first I designed wicker baskets for flower Arrangements that I had made in the Philippines, mainly to help two villages that had no way to earn money. After designing thoses, I made hanging baskets made only of seashells for two other villages near the ocean to make. Then for their large Christmas promotion, I designed “SUGAR PLUMS”, which was a cluster of red plastic plumb’s in a bunch, coated with clear bright mini plastic crystals! Florists used them in Christmas, arrangements that were designed for FTD. Both these promotions were used for years to come. I was then asked to design and sell to them a valentine product. Again I came up with a great idea. At the time children had a new toy that was a very big hit. It was a handle that had wires coming from it that had on the top of each a plastic ball. when the children shook the toy the balls would hit each other and make a crackling noise, and different ones made different sounds. seeing this idea, I came up with one like it but for my florists on FTD! Instead of a wooden handle mine was plastic shaped like a spike with little plastic rod sticking out its sides, for the florists to be able to stick into foam for making arrangements of fresh flowers. From the top of the spike came 12 springy 10”wires spread evenly around the top each having 3 clear ½”red hearts shaped with one on top one 2” down and another 2” down. When put into a FLOWER ARRANGEMENT , each wire would come out around the flowers making them move, so I called them “HEART THROBS”.

A great way to look at life’s adventures.

The other day I wrote something to a neighbor who thanked me for sharing my life adventures! I in turn wrote back to her this, but didn’t realize how true it is, take a look!!! You sound like you’re on the same road as me! No traffic lights to stop us, and all down hill, cause we’re taking the right road………….to heaven!!!

You want me to wear a Scarf?

I think I’ll stick my two cents into this conversation and mention my experiences in relation to what’s been said here. My father and mother went to Italy to be the best man for Aniello’s grandfather wedding. I was very young but I know it was a time when our families from both countries were getting back together. Later on, a man came and stayed at our house who also was a cousin. I can’t remember his name but know he was an Italian customs official. He spoke in a little broken English but he was a strong minded person who spoke his ways. He is the one who told me that I had been chosen to wear the scarf of a great Bianco who fought in a war between the rich Northern and the poor southern cities. Before that he was a man who was a bandit who held up Northern stage coaches and always wore a big scarf over his face as he did so! He always shared his earning with the village and was respected and feared by all. He had a small band of men and they would enjoy the local women, as he was a lover of sorts. (That was all I was told at this time), The relative was insistent that this was an honor and I believed him, since my father had also agreed that it was what I should do. I took this on and have worn a scarf for all the 80 years that have followed. If for some reason I would leave my home without it, I would go back no matter how far I had to go to get it, Till I realized that a spare was acceptable, but if I was out without it I felt and still do feel I have no cloths on…TRUE! In all the years that followed, I never thought anything about it till I and my wife Claire went to Italy to visit my family there because young Aniello showed up in America and I then wanted to visit and meet all there. While there I was treated like I was always there and my cousin, Aniello,s grandfather took me under his wing and his grandmother would prepare meals for killing. You can’t imagine how wonderful I felt being there and accepted by all. A women cousin who stopped doing her normal routine of being a pediatrician while I was there and took us everywhere and treated me like her brother. Her name is Marieantoinette and I will never forget how wonderful she was. Aniello showed up and it was complete. His grandfather and he brought me along with them into the history of what and where the Bianco family fit together. It was wonderful to watch them both tell me of our history as they both glowed, making me glow as well. Years later, when Aniello told me of his Grandfather’s death, I was unbelievably sad… more like my father’s death! Actually it was because my father was suffering so bad from cancer that you could not watch him suffer. Aniello is now like my son, as when he came into my life it was with a jump into my arms and hugging me like we had met before and he missed me terrible as we hugged each other. In a sense, I feel like I’m like our bandit ancestor in many ways. In my life I travelled to Asia and took from all the manufacturers there, by paying pennies for things they made and selling them for 10 times the amount. They actually thought they were cheating me as all they ever got for their products was rice, and they couldn’t sell it for more than the government’s established prices, as anyone charging more were hung on the spot… I’ve seen it happen! However, doing this in the Philippines, I gave work to thousands of people who were Living in grass huts in little villages and had nothing but their religion for comfort. Well, I’m babbling on now, so THE END!

How did you choose your children’s names?

In the past, as in most families around the world, the first born son is named after his father, so our first born had to be named for him Salvatore A. Bianco, but I realized he would be stuck like I was for most of my young life with “Junior”, being my name was after my fathers. I thought about it, and said let’s not call him Junior, but Trey, a name that didn’t exist at that time, but I felt it’s meaning of the number ‘three” in Italian and French, was good enough, as he was the third Salvatore in our family! Well, today there are over 50,000 families using it, and still counting. So, when we had another son, well that was easy and to keep following tradition, we named him after my wife’s father, Michael. It was a very long time later that I chose a name for my third son as his mother had no interest. I thought and thought, and finally after seeing “Love Story”, and since I felt that this son’s name, which should be after my name, but as my name was already used for my first son, tradition was filled. So now this son could be different, so I named him after the young lover, Christian Montague, one that William Shakespeare created for Love Story, and although this next son did not actually come from a love story, it wasn’t a break away from tradition, making him special and it has proven so! My only sorrow is that I wasn’t there for him all the time he was growing up! It wasn’t my fault and that’s another story I’ll keep to myself for now!!! My only regret was and is that we didn’t have a girl!!! All three of my sons have become very successful and I’m proud of each of them!
Sal Bianco Jr, March 29, 2022

When I was young and how I loved being with my father!

This is a true story about my father Sal A. Bianco and the picture above was taken at my wedding in1957, he was 57! Well, first off my father never really spoke to me, we drove cross-country together and I don’t think he said 10 words to me. Well, I didn’t care as I loved him more than you can imagine! If you think that unusual, he was loved by everyone who met him. He was a gentle-man as well as a gentleman, and I’ve seen friends who would destroy anyone who would abuse him with words or any other way. Before he was gentle however, he was a true Gay-Blade. Going to Broadway shows nightly and driving a Duesenberg car. His friends loved his true friendliness and all wanted to be with him as he spent money like water. His father thought he was everything you could imagine in a son, and he proved it many times. In other stories that I wrote about my father, all this was brought out, so I’ll not go in that direction. Instead, I want to talk about my experiences with him. While he was getting older 63, he had 5 businesses to run that he had started over the years. First running the family trucking business, then at Easter, he went to the south and bought Spring lambs from farmers to fulfill all local Italians’ desire for it at Easter. From the time his father brought a cousin over from Italy, and sent him to California to handle grapes so Italians in the New York area could make wine, and have his son selling them here. So, my father had to fulfill that wish of his father and began selling grapes in a railroad yard in Jersey City, New Jersey, just across the Hudson river from Manhattan, and he also had to make wine thereafter from the grapes he could not sell, after thanksgiving day! The other railroad yards were in Manhattan on 37th street, where our families trucking business went to pick up meat sent from Chicago, which they delivered to all wholesalers locally. So the yards in New Jersey were where my father, solely, sold and shipped the grapes that arrived from Fresno, California.., and what this story is all about. I was young, maybe 14, it was my turn to go with him in the summer to those same yards, as now my Brother Al had done in his tour before me. Loving every second, starting early every morning we headed to Jersey City, opened the three railroad cars and prepared for the day ahead. He may have said by then maybe 5 words! Oh! Oh! I forgot one of the most important events!!! When we were ready to leave our house, my father would go into the kitchen and get his 4 Italian cigars (Stogies) that had been soaking overnight in scotch whiskey. (The last bottle he used, I still have and have kept to remember these days) Then we were off to work, actually not work, but fun and excitement, at least what a young 14 year old boy thought. So as the light of the day got brighter, finally a small truck, (in those days there were no “pickups” they came 40 years later.) would back into the opening where we stood, a Italian man would got out and yell “Ahllow Sally, I need 40 boxes of “zinfandel” today, but I no got the money yetta!”, so my father would smile the most wonderful smile, as I looked at him and then would say “It’s ok Benny, you can pay me later”, and then another little truck would arrive as Benny was pulling away. I’d here a shout from the new driver to him. “Hey Bennuchio is no come on my street I kick your “aasse”!! Benny would look out his window and laugh and say “They comma to me, I no go them!” laughing, laughing as he pulled away. The new driver would then look up to my Father and say “Bon Jouno SAlly” laughing as he said it. Again, he said “50 boxes today as I gotta some of Bennie’s costume”, Laughing and laughing. OH! Oh! Sally, you give me trusto, I pay you next time, as my File yoe (BOY) needs a tooth fixed, and as usual my father would say with his slight smile “That’s OK Juonne! And the day would go on all always in fun and laughter, but my father never laughed, but rather, with a smile that could “kill” just watching him! He wasn’t just my father, he was a man who everyone around him knew, and truly loved. And he was my father, and I’d do anything to make him love me. Well, here comes the sad part, as time went on with so many beautiful other stories about him I’ve written. It was 1964 and he was 63, and because of all the juices from his cigars that he swallowed all his life,, his body became cancerous from his throat down into his stomach, and he had a very short time to live, maybe 6 months!! I was told all this separately by his doctor, as he kept it from my mother and father, as in those days doctors were your friends for dinner, as well as doctors coming to your home to advise. I now had to make a decision, and decided that telling them would only ruin the rest of his life, so instead, I told them that it was best for them to drive to Fresno California, where the rest of their children lived as it was time anyway for him to retire at 64. So, we bought a new station wagon with wooden side panels, and put all their possessions into it, and I told them I would sell our home of 20 years and thereafter, send them the money. I wasn’t sure if I would ever see my father alive again, but it truly was the best for them to spend their time there with all their family. Goodbye Mom! Goodbye Dad !!!???? Sal Bianco Jr, March 29, 1964 My father died 6 months later and I attended the funeral in Fresno California with all my siblings and their children! My mother came to me while there and was both sad and mad saying why did you send us here? I said: ”Mom it was so you would be with your children and grandchildren!!!” She looked at me as she did all my life when I was bad and said “We belonged where we lived all our lives with his siblings and the hundreds of friends we have there! Look around you, there is only his children, where are all the people who we lived with??” She turned and left me broken hearted, and she was right!!! She lived until she was 97 and just said she wanted to be with my father and laid down and never woke again! A winner right to the end!!!

Trying to make Hands to God popular!

I wrote this to an organization that represents over 75,000 Funeral Directors in America in May 3 months after my wife died and after you read it, I will tell you the results!!!
Hi Robin:
My name is Sal Bianco and I’m interested in joining the convention in Nashville but the cost is too high for me and I am wondering if you would consider helping helping an old man. I’m 89 years old and I’ve just lost my wife and I’m devastated but together we had planned to do something for funeral parlors and the family of the deceased. 15 years ago I had my second son make a plastic copy of my wife’s hand. My first son works at a company that produces that plastic.
I am now able to create an exact copy of a deceased persons hands, its DNA, it’s exact shape color and softness. Since my wife died I have been doing it myself, but can’t really afford to buy a 10 x 10 spot. Now that so much time is past and these booths are still available is it possible that I could get a better rate so that I could attend and and be able to offer my idea to all the funeral directors? This Has to be a unique situation and a new product that will help them with the profits and most of all for the families of the deceased.

Please consider my appeal as I’m doing it for my wife who was wonderful and who I love so much.

I can make a display that will capture my audience and start a new way four funeral directors to offer this service. My company is called Hands to God LLC! If you visit my site at Hands to god.com you will see exactly what I am attempting.

Please consider my request and you will be helping me but more so for people who are going through losing someone they love.

Sal Bianco Jr
The women in charge of handling payments for a booths at the show, allowed me at booth at the show 2weeks just before it was to start to have an empty one for no cost, but I had to supply my own carpet and whatever else I would need. As the show was on, they came to my booth and hugged and hugged me, no not because I’m a handsome stud, but because of my wish!!!

My Email to heaven

           My “Email to Heaven”

I write this after 5 months of missing you, crying daily from not being able to see, hear, want you!  I know that you loved me as much as I loved you and still do. Today I read a book you wrote to yourself many many years ago. (25 years). I’ve read it many times since I found it in your drawer, and cry every time. It is Beautiful. I will keep this as a Draft so I can continue to tell you my feelings. Yes, I talk to you daily many times, but this is just for me and you. an email to heaven. WHAT HAPPENS MOST IS HOW AT THE SPUR OF THE MOMENT AM LOOKING AT “32”! IN CAN BE IN ANY FORM, Our alarm clock on our dresser, looking at the back of a car and on the license plate is “32”! “32′, ”32 “,”32 “! And each and every time I stop and see you in my mind and say in my mind how I love you and miss you! No, not sad but it’s like telling you in person as I know you’re there besides me telling me “look it’s”32 “!!!

The song we sang together 

For once in my I have someone to dream of,

For once in my life, I have someone who needs me

Someone I’ve needed so long

For once, unafraid, I can go where life leads me

Somehow I know I’ll be strong

For once I can touch what my heart used to dream of

Long before I knew

Ooh, someone warm like you

Would make my dreams come true

Yeah, yeah, yeah (For once in my life)

For once in my life, I won’t let sorrow hurt me

Not like it’s hurt me before (Not like it’s hurt me before)

For once, I have something I know won’t desert me

I’m not alone anymore (I’m not alone anymore)

For once I can say, “This is mine, you can’t take it”

As long as I know I have love, I can make it

For once in my life, I have someone who needs me

(Someone who needs me)

Hey, hey, hey, hey, yeah

(Someone who needs me)

Oh, I’m in love, baby

For once in my life (For once in my life)

I won’t let sorrow hurt me

Not like it’s hurt me before (Not like it’s hurt me before)

For once, I have something I know won’t desert me

I’m not alone anymore (I’m not alone anymore)

For once I can say, “This is mine, you can’t take it”

As long as I know I have love, I can make it

For once in my life, I have someone who needs me

(Someone who needs me)

Oh, for once in my life

(Someone who needs me)

Yeah, somebody that needs me

(Someone who needs me)

more for HandstoGod

Re: ICCFA – Please Advise

Sal Bianco Jr salbiancojr@gmail.com

Tue, Mar 15, 11:52 PM


to Christian

First of all, I’m almost 90 years old and have basically been retired for many years. What I’m trying to do now is to introduce a great way for people who have just lost a loved one, a way to have a true keepsafe of the person who has just passed. It is a true copy, with its DNA and ashes of that person’s hand. with the feel touch as an exact replica. I’ve started this new program as I, too, just went through losing my wife and a hand I had made of her hand by my son has more than helped me to overcome sadness and brought comfort instead. The company I’ve formed is called Hands to God and its site is: handstogod.com, go to it and see just what we offer. So I just want to have Funeral parlors to have this opportunity to offer real help in overcoming sadness and add remembrance instead.

so, it is funeral parlors who will benefit as well as the families involved both benefiting from my process.

Sal Bianco Jr

White Knight Adventures L.L.C.



On Tue, Mar 15, 2022 at 1:26 PM Christian Henslee <chenslee@multiview.com> wrote:

Hello Sal,

The International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association is offering a few select industry suppliers an opportunity to market their brand in front of the Association’s Members, 7,800 + funeral home owners and managers in an industry worth millions annually. We are partnered with ICCFA to manage their online buyers guide.

I want to connect with you to discuss your current marketing plans and to see if a campaign, like these currently available through ICCFA, would fit with your company objectives going forward.

When do you have time for a quick call?

Thank you,



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Office: 469-420-2634